Virtual Tours

Virtual Tour is modern application that allows you move to selected area or object.

Walk to success!

To meet your expectations and requirements of an increasingly competitive market, we offer a modern way multimedia presentation in the form of a virtual walk.

This form of ad increasingly apply hotels, leisure centres, and even a city wishing obtain potential tourists. Seeing interesting sites and attractions of the place-region somebody would be want visit him.

Such action is also not alien on the ground of world culture as exemplified by galleries, museums and even sacred objects. As you can see, the possibilities of this medium are unlimited and its uniqueness consists on interconnected carefully selected panorams, which, together with the description, form an integral whole and give a great effect.

Virtual Tour consists of a dozen or even hundreds of panoramas, which are programmed to can be rotated in many directions. On the panoramas are placed points, which after clicking are moved to another panorama with new spectrum of vision.

Therefore, if you want to show your achievements an innovative and compatible with modern information society, invite you to contact with us.

Wirtualny Spacer – realny sukces !